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A Message from the Chairman

Material handling technology that streamlines and automates the flow of materials has played a great role in improving production and technology of logistics as distribution infrastructure. Established in 2008, the Japan Institute of Material Handling (JIMH) is an industrial association of manufacturers engaged in material handling system and is conducting various activities aimed at promoting understanding of distribution systems and recommending business solutions.

The environment surrounding the industrial world is changing, to note a decrease in working population accompanied by a declining birthrate and growing population of elderly people, diversification of consumption patterns because of the spread of e-commerce, globalization and upgraded supply chains, and depleting resources and environmental issue. Given the circumstances, high expectations are being placed in our distribution system equipment industry to solve these problems.

JIMH will continue incessant efforts aimed at contributing to the industrial world and developing the distribution system industry. We hope for your participation in our plan and utilization of our products.

Japan Institute of Material Handling

General Incorporated Association

Daisuke Murata